When was the last time you sent a postcard to someone else? Remember trying to write your message in the tiny space provided, scrunching your letters and even curving them up the side to avoid the “DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE” section reserved for the mail service scan code? Did you pause before writing, realizing your elaborate details would need to be concise with brevity? 

Today’s TeachersWrite quick-write is inspired by guest author Madelyn Rosenberg (who is also a fellow Virginian like me!) The challenge is a fun writing prompt called “Postcard” that even students can complete: Using only 10 words, describe the scene around you, then write each word on a separate line like a poem. This is a great warm-up for students to have them focus on sensory descriptions or simply hone in on a particular scene of their writing.

Here’s my “Postcard” for today:










Any guesses where I am today? Comment below and add your own 10 word “Postcard” to showcase your surroundings!


About Tamara Letter

Pollyanna personality with a little spice of fun. Mom to three, friend to many. Celebrating the simple joys in life.

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  1. Yosemite? Great job. You are fun to follow.


  2. That’s lovely! Thanks so much for sharing it! Especially glad you were able to work in “musk.” I was going to guess Shenandoah because of your Va. connection. Glad it is someplace with cooler temperatures this week. Remember you’re allowed to use phrases, too, if you want — handy in case you ever want to use dialogue. =)


    • Great reminder! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! We love going up 64 to the Shenandoah Mountains; this is our first trip out west to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Love that you are from VA, too!


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