#TeachersWrite Day 3: Character Sketch

Wednesdays are usually Q & A days at Teachers Write, where we have the opportunity to ask published authors questions about the writing process or other aspects of writing/publishing. Sometimes there will also be a writing prompt, as provided today by Melanie Crowder.

We are challenged to create and expand a character sketch, which is new to me as I rarely write fiction. I am stretching myself as a writer through this summer camp, so here’s my contribution:

It was the sparkle of blue that caught her eye as she brushed the dirt from her grandmother’s walkway. A glimmer of stardust, gold band stuck in the dirt, lifting the sapphire between the blades of grass long overdue for a trim.

Blue. Another sign. Jessie crouched down and took a moment to admire the contrast of dull and bright. It would need a good cleaning for sure, but definitely a keeper. She knew the ring would never be worn, but join in solidarity with the other blue signs her grandmother had sent following the accident five years before.

The walkway discarded for now, Jessie made her way to the car. She needed to hide her treasure lest the perfect moment of revelation dissipate in the humid heat. Hiding meant safety. Blue meant love.

I’m not sure where this story may lead, but I was surprised how quickly the storyline played out in my mind; the words flowed from my thoughts as a diversion from my own reality, as I sit here in this hospital waiting room. This summer writing camp has been a welcome reprieve already and we’re only three days in!

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  1. Nice job! I love the idea of blue being a sign. It reminds me that we see our world in unique ways–someone else sees a blue stoned ring and Jessie sees a sign and a message. I was also intrigued by the reference to the accident. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am in the same boat with this summer writing camp- I never write fiction, so it has been really interesting for me to try these last two activities. I feel like my students must feel! The character sketch you’ve created is a really interesting snapshot of a story. It makes me wonder where the ring came from, what other treasures Jessie has collected, and what connection blue has to her grandmother and the accident! There seems to be a lot here to expand upon.

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    • Thanks for your response! I definitely think this summer camp makes us better writers AND teachers! It’s a bit nerve-wracking to put your words and thoughts out there for the world to see! I appreciate your specific feedback – who knows, I may take a leap and dive into fiction!


  3. I have been trying to find an image to drive my character sketch this morning. Your focus on the blue ring has encouraged me to stick with the bird idea I’m going to open my sketch with. Thanks for the focus.

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  4. I am not much of a fiction writer, either, Tamera, but I do agree with you. Writing fiction pushes me out of my box. Your character sounds like she really loves and misses her grandmother. Any of that from real life? 🙂

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  5. One of my favorite things is how a character can suddenly take over and write themselves. It’s a kind of magic that never grows old.

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